GMR Client Update: Retry turn submit

As many of you know, the GMR Client sometimes fails to submit your turn to the GMR Server. This is almost always due to network bandwidth issues and/or load issues on our server. Until now, in such an event your only option was to replay the turn and try submitting it again, but no more!
Prompt to retry turn submit
We just published a minor update to the GMR Client that allows it to automatically retry submitting a turn to the GMR Server in the event of a network related failure. The client will try three times on its own to submit the save file, if it still fails after the third try it will let you know and ask if you’d like to continue trying to submit that turn. You can continue to retry this way as long as you’d like. However, if after several attempts the GMR Client still fails to upload your turn, then you might consider restarting the client and replaying your turn.

Please let us know if you notice any bugs or issues with this latest update, and we wish you many happy turns!

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  1. rstark84

    I am glad to know that you have still been working to improve GMR. Thank you!

    • Thanks Rstark! We’re still making efforts to support and maintain the existing GMR service, although most of our efforts at the moment are focused on developing GMR 2.0 and taking care of other real life stuff :)

  2. squidgeny

    A thought along these lines:

    Me and my friends often make the stupid mistake of uploading the save file to the wrong game. I know, I know, we should be more careful… but I had an idea for what (seems to me like it) ought to be a simple validation – would it work to put the game ID# in the filename and have the client check it on upload?

    • In the new Multiplayer Robot, we’ll be able to embed the game ID into the save file itself and will use that to verify that it belongs to the right game.

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